Blabber Mouth : BIG NO NO

 I assume everyone has their own secrets hidden in them, with friends and among other people. Most of them may ruin the reputation of a person and some may just be plain little secrets to keep each other entertained... A secret is very hard to keep specially among close friends. Spilling the beans may lead to an ugly fight especially with girls... Believe me, I've seen my girlfriends fight because of one simple issue... Good thing I wasn't part of it.... lol...

  I was actually stuck in the middle of my two close friends. I didn't know what to react or say because I didn't want to take sides.. One kept bugging me while I was watching a movie, telling me all this stuff like, "parang tinraydor ako shee... Alam naman niya kung ano ang feeling.......... What did I ever do to her... blah blah blah...." And the other one saying "Buti nga tinanong ko siya if totoo ung chismis... I never told anyone... Concerned lang ako.. Nabalitaan ko lang from my aunt that there's this girl telling all these stories about her... blah blah blah...." Well, of course I couldn't react much, didn't want to be unfair to the other one... I kept my word... Keeping that secret between us girls... :)

  But then the issue got big causing all these arguments... almost ended up ruining their friendship... I say its normal for us girls to have these kind of issues, we all know that... But just relating this story or experience with my topic for my blog explains the "chain of confidentiality" which should only shared and discussed between the physician and the patient involved.

  The chain of confidentiality should always be kept in the minds of the physician. One wrong move with a patients results, releasing it to the wrong person or wrong manner may ruin your license as a physician. The results should always be between the patient and physician and should never be released over the phone. The physician should always provide the patient with an appointment to release and give the results of the test taken.

  Extreme care and confidentiality is required especially with a test performed in relation to a legal situation that may ruin the reputation of a person. This may lead to complications with the career of the physician also. Improper release of results may put the physician and patient involved, in situations where there will be confiscation of the laboratory test results which will become evidence of the test. And then leading them to court where there will be cross-examinations, tests, interviews, etc... At the end, the results are no longer confidential as it's supposed to be.

  And as for the medical technologist, they are never to interpret the results of the tests. It is not their job but the physician. Their job is to only do the laboratory procedures and come up with reliable results of the tests. The medical technologist are not responsible in releasing laboratory results to patients. We may lose our license by doing this... Don't want that to happen, do we? :)


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